CAMP DATES – June 2-June 21 & July 7-July 26

Unforgettable Summer

During this one-of-a-kind Summer Camp young men will test their abilities and enhance their leadership and life skills through hands-on learning and real life application. These three-week camps fill each day with creative, meaningful, and at times, challenging activities to develop bodies and minds. Excursions to amusement parks, museums, professional and semi-pro sporting events, as well as a camping trip offers a healthy dose of fun, education, and American culture they won’t soon forget!

Boys Summer Camp (June 2nd – June 21st) – $3,500

Boys Summer Camp (July 7th – July 26th) – $3,500

Credit Recovery Program

Credit Recovery is available during both the June and the July Summer Camps. It offers campers the opportunity to brush up on courses they may have struggled with during the regular school year, improve their grades, and even get back on track to graduation. Learn more here: Credit Recovery.

English as a Second Language – (second camp)

English Language Learning courses are offered at no additional charge during our July Summer Camp. This camp combines targeted language learning courses, cultural excursions, physical fitness, and leadership and life skills development in a task-based and immersive environment focused on enrichment of the “whole student.” Learn more here: English Immersion. Any questions, please contact Melissa at

Skills That Last A Lifetime


Campers are given the opportunity to gain practical experience in small and large group unit leadership. Mentors work with campers to develop skills necessary to lead in a positive and productive manner.

  • St. John’s History
  • Customs And Courtesies
  • Drill And Ceremonies
  • Leadership Traits
  • Identification Of Leadership Types
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential
  • Leadership Principles
  • Motivation Of Self/others

Character Building

Having a strong character is just as important as physical strength here at St. John’s. Those attending our summer camp get the chance to develop their emotional and spiritual identities by participating in religious service and leadership training among other activities.

Physical Fitness

The cadets have opportunities every day to engage in physical activities that give them the chance to grow stronger physically while having fun and being challenged. These can include physical training, intramural sports activities, and time in the weight room.

Life Skills

Summer camp at St. John’s allows campers to learn essential hard skills as well as other important life skills, with hands-on experiences in classes such as:

Life skills:

  • Etiquette
  • Family relations
  • Leadership

Hard skills:

  • First aid
  • Personal finance
  • Small engine repair
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Hunter safety course
  • Archery course
  • Basic rifle marksmanship, including lessons on safety, proper shooting stances, and control

Personal Growth

At the end of the summer, campers participate in exciting competitions. These competitions let them show off all that they’ve learned over the course of the camp, distinguish themselves from their peers, and display their physical and mental strength as well as their character.

The Military Stakes Competition includes:

  • Army physical fitness test
  • A combined academic exam
  • Rifle competition
  • Tug of war
  • Room inspections
  • Intramural events
  • Platoon drill competition
  • Individual drill off
  • Basic rifle marksmanship

Fun is a big part of a summer at St. John’s Summer Camp — but there is more to it than that. Campers take part in activities that grow their character, create lifelong friendships, and give them the skills and the qualities that not only help them get through life but make them future leaders.


Campers head to the St. John’s recreation center every evening. There, they can socialize and enjoy entertaining activities with others, giving them the chance to build camp comradery and friendships that will last a lifetime.

They also enjoy field trips — in the past, these have included trips to the President Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, a Kansas City theme park, Kenwood Cove Water Park, Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum, a major league baseball game, and a weekend of camping.

Credit Recovery

Get Your Grades Back On Track!

During our Summer Camps, St. John’s proudly offers a credit recovery program for high school students. Through our credit recovery program, students take classes to help them earn the credits required for graduation, or students may take classes to earn an improved grade in a class they have taken previously.

With the assistance of licensed teachers, credit recovery students work on their courses a minimum of 3.5 hours five days a week. Our independent study, credit recovery courses are uniquely designed to suit each student’s distinctive needs and meet national standards. Credit recovery is offered for the following courses:

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